Using an escort service to some married man gives satisfaction whereas there are some who morally feel bad post making use of services provided by escort agency. One of the primary reasons why married men are using escorts is their need of variety of partners even though they feel satisfied with their wives. In few cases, married men in their 30’s look for young women instead of middle-aged woman. One of the simplest ways by which middle-aged married men can get young women for sexual pleasure is through escort services. There are some men who are regular users of escort services whereas there are some who’ve used escort service once post which they never used due to some personal emotional reasons. Here we will talk about different feelings and thoughts that married man gets after using escort.


Morally Bad – It has been seen that most of the times married men use escorts after being influenced or motivated by their peers, friends, colleges, or some family member. These men are not in a mood to cheat their wives but due to so much pressure, they use escort service. Post this they realize some or the other time that they’ve done something wrong and hence decide never using such service. They feel morally bad at having cheated upon their partners.

Feel Like Cheating Their Partner – Using escort service isn’t something incorrect or wrong but only when it is used for the right reasons. When men use escort simply for the sake of having fun and getting sexual satisfaction, most of them in sometime of their life or immediately after feel like cheating their partners. In general cases, this feeling comes when they feel what if their partners are also cheating upon them by using male escort service. Few men would think whatever they are doing isn’t correct and these are especially those men who have strong bonding with their kids, wives, or partners.

Have a Feeling Of Fear And Shame In Mind – Married men who have used escort service or are using this service will have fear of their marriage ending in case if their partners come to know about their immoral deeds. These are men who are pretty attached with their families, and feel ashamed after using escort services. They often think about what would happen if their partners give them divorce.

Have Guilt Feeling – Maximum men after using escort service go home with feeling of guilt. They are much aware of the fact that having sexual relationship with women other than their wedded wives is not correct. Moreover, such thing isn’t acceptable in society as well. Men using escort service have a guilt feeling especially when they think how would they make eye contact with their partner or how would they indulge in physical relationship with their partner after cheating them.

Feeling of Hatred – This isn’t the case with maximum men using escort services. This is the case with hardly 2 percent of entire male population using escort services. They have a feeling of hatred towards themselves. This feeling comes once they realize they’ve done wrong with their partner and once they’ll tell them, their partner would start hating them. In some cases wives forgive their husbands but in maximum cases, such things lead to marriage being broken, divorce, or split.

Using escorts for sex is genuine only in situations when individuals want to overcome depression caused due to divorce or split. This isn’t considered moral if one is a married man and using escort service without telling their wives. It has been seen in many cases that unmarried men in their late 20’s start using escort services and once they are married, they find it tough to make physical relationship with their partners hence resort back to using escort services. These are men who aren’t ashamed of what they are doing or have done. These are usually poor lovers. There are several other guilt-laden, hostile, and fearful feelings that married men have after using or while using escorts but it should be noted that each man will have different set of feelings from the other and that can be a mix of good and bad feelings as well. It is not rarely that a couple will get divorced after this untruthfulness was revealed.