Most of the persons are confused in the services rendered by an escort and a prostitute. A prostitute’s work is just to satisfy the sexual desire of a customer on being paid for it while escort may be man or woman, hired for entertainment and safety at any place. Escorts are also used as guides while in journey to unknown places. Lure to earn easy money, make some escorts to indulge in sexual activities with companion but it is not part of their principal service. Comparing escort and prostitution services is must before hiring the right person.

In most of the cases, an escort is a beautiful woman or handsome man hired to entertain, guide and safely conduct the duties assigned to him/her by the person who hires. These are legal persons who work professionally and can be engaged through escort agencies. They can be booked in much advance. You can select an escort of your choice by taking an interview of him/her.

Reverse is the case with the prostitute who is available for the act at a brothel or at some other pre decided place. She may be collected even from the street. In general one cannot make a choice for a prostitute as is available in case of escort. They are just paid for the sexual act and are never taken to different destinations to act as escort. Women in escort profession are safe from humiliation but in prostitution trade they are always unsafe.

An escort is desired to have a sexy and glamorous look. More glamorous escorts are paid heavily. They are required to go with the companion to different places to escort him/her. He/she is paid for companionship, so the service is legal. If there is a sexual activity between the escort and companion and payment is made, it is an additional job different from the duties of escort profession. There is no choice of glamorous or sexy looks, in general, in case of prostitution trade.

There is a general opinion in public that escort and prostitute both are same with different labels. It is a misconception because even if an escort carries out sex with companion for money, a beautiful and glamorous company is also provided which is not done by a prostitute. Both are different professions. The prostitute makes advertisement for paid sexual intercourse while an escort makes advertisement for escort services not for sexual services. If an escort provides sex service it is irrelevant and it is not part of the profession.

Escorts are classy and elegant as compared to uncultured prostitutes. Escorts are selected from the cream of beautiful and glamorous girls and handsome men. They are trained for etiquettes and good manners. Prostitutes spend their time with client in just sexual activities giving him sometimes diseases in gift. Escorts spend their much of the time with companion in dining, clubs, social events, journeys etc, so need a much better socially approved background. Even if they go for sex, it is not frequent as in case of prostitutes and is for very little time of the company. They are safe in sexual act as they know how to keep away such diseases.

Escorts are skilled in lot of attributes like better mannerism, better looks, better presentation and better knowledge as compared to prostitutes. Sometimes they are required to act as interpreter also. Moreover they are available through professionally legal agencies. So their service rates are quite high in comparison to prostitutes who are available at very cheap rates also.

Intuition and attitude are the supreme guiding factors while comparing escort and prostitute.