Using an escort agency in Hamburg

Using an escort agency in Hamburg should be one which fulfills your all needs. Agency escorts should be able to accompany you all over Europe including major towns of Germany, United States or any other country or place decided by you. Agency with a top quality service, style, charisma and cherishing individual needs should be prioritized.

Hamburg is flooded with number of escort agencies which can be visited on website detailing their fees structure, ladies and telling procedure how to contact them. In this broad world of escort agencies at Hamburg, their stands Fabulous Escort Agency with unmatched glamour and beauty satisfying clients to their great expectations.

Know about escorts:

The agency is legally registered to carry out business. All types of events, private or business can be covered by escorts from this agency as they are stylish, bold, attractive, sexy as well as classy. The pleasing look of young ladies is very charming providing a good company with utmost satisfaction to clients. It is assured that your escort date will provide you full cooperation as desired by you.

Amy Escort agency for example provides first class escort services to accompany in Hamburg but also internationally. Your command is obeyed by the escort. Go through the selection of classy escorts who have been posted on agency’s website along with all details and photographs. They have been selected through rigorous process. They are well behaved and full of etiquettes to represent them in social life. They are trained to dedicate to the profession with all their efforts and sincerity.

How to book

Agency operates on Monday to Friday in hours 11 to 20. On Saturday and Sunday, it operates from 12 to 16 hours. Either email them or contact on toll free number given on its website during working hours. The agency works as a broker between you and the escort and receives commission for services like advertising, phone, website running, security arrangement etc. from the escort, so it is free for you. Privacy and secrecy are well maintained in their services.

Booking request in advance is appreciable as escorts are not our employees but they are free to spend time as they like. Your request for a particular escort lady shall be sent to her and on her availability, you will get confirmation. It is on their sweet will to accept or turn down the booking offer.

Most of the escorts are working on freelance basis along with their studies or other jobs. They are free to continue as escort with you or terminate depending upon the agreement and cohesion with you. After confirmation from the escort accepting the offer, direct contact is established between escort and you. You will pay the whole amount to escort for escort services directly in the beginning itself.

Fees and travel expenses

Fees and travel expenses are paid to escort in advance. It relaxes both, as business is over with this transaction and both can enjoy the company freely. Actual travel expenses which may incur during the escort service period are paid. Services are available for hours, days, weekends and weeks. Classic, Special and Premium types of services are offered.

Fee is around 290, 360, 460 EUR per hour for classic, special and premium services respectively. In weekend for 48 hours, it is 2400, 2900, 3200 EUR respectively. Weekly charges are 5300, 6400, 7300 EUR respectively for classic, special and premium services. Complete details regarding charges are available on the websites of most agencies.

Being a tourist in Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s biggest port as well as 2nd busiest in Europe. The city population is more than 1.8 million. It is called Free and Hanseatic City. Being a tourist in Hamburg Germany it is vital to have good knowledge of the city. Hamburg is city-state. Its neighbourhoods include St. Pauli, Lange Reihe, Jungfernstieg, Altona, Hafencity, Sternschanze, and Speicherstadt. Hamburg is having 5 main stations where different kinds of train services have been made available. One can also reach Hamburg from places like Flensburg, Bremen, Berlin, Husum, Hanover, and Lubeck. Those who are bus travelling enthusiasts, Hamburg can be reached from different national, regional, as well as European destinations.

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The best feature of Hamburg is that it has public transport system that is well-developed. Moreover, you will find bus services running here round the clock. Vending machines are installed in railway stations that sell tickets for single ride, short distance, and day tickets. If you have group of tourists, you can make use of group tickets service provided. In addition to bus and rail service, Hamburg offers good taxi services as well, all 24 hours. Rank of taxi can be identified seeing green box available on post. There are cab numbers provided that you should call whenever you require cab or taxi. Hamburg offers 4 U-Bahn lines and 6 S-Bahn lines including U4. Every train platform will have signs showing upcoming train, time of arrival and heading to. The best thing about Hamburg is that it is completely a bicycle-friendly city. If you are visiting Hamburg during warmer months, you can enjoy the city on bicycle as maximum residents use bicycles as normal transport form. You need to get an account created for yourself with service called StadRad after which you are free to use bicycles at extremely minimal rates.

There are wonderful sight-seeing places in Hamburg and a few of them are given below (more you find here):

Hamburg Dungeon – Here you’ll get a glimpse of history of Hamburg even if you aren’t much fond of visiting museums. This place offers nearly 10 shows conducted by actors that bring a dark chapter of history of this place to life. One would witness execution, torture, 1717 big floods, great fire, and lots more scary stuff.


Alter Elbtunnel – This is a historic tunnel that was opened in 1911 connecting central Hamburg with shipyards. Its name seems more like a museum but its tubes remain open and are in use throughout the week. Pedestrians and vehicles require taking one of 4 lifts provided for getting to actual tunnel. This tunnel is worth visiting especially on Sunday for its interesting architecture.

Vintage Shopping – Those who are shopping freak should visit Vintage shopping market early on Saturday. It opens between 9 am in morning and 4 pm in the evening. It offers almost all vintage items as well as 2nd hand clothes, furniture, accessories, records, and lots more. You will come across handbags of last season as well as 1970s leather jackets at highly reasonable rates. When visiting this place, one should be ready to bargain so as to get some rare treasures. This place offers several bars and cafes as well for tourists to sit, eat, relax, and spend some quality time.

Places Near Hamburg – There are some really great places around Hamburg that require a day’s trip. One such place is Sylt. It is a lovely island near Danish border. It is an absolutely stunning place that is 2 hr 30 min train ride from Central Station of Hamburg.

Some famous festivals celebrated in Hamburg include Dockville, Port Festival, and Long Night of Museum. Hence if you are planning your trip or vacation to Hamburg ensure you are part of any of these festivals.


How does it feel under moral aspects to use an escort as a married man

Using an escort service to some married man gives satisfaction whereas there are some who morally feel bad post making use of services provided by escort agency. One of the primary reasons why married men are using escorts is their need of variety of partners even though they feel satisfied with their wives. In few cases, married men in their 30’s look for young women instead of middle-aged woman. One of the simplest ways by which middle-aged married men can get young women for sexual pleasure is through escort services. There are some men who are regular users of escort services whereas there are some who’ve used escort service once post which they never used due to some personal emotional reasons. Here we will talk about different feelings and thoughts that married man gets after using escort.


Morally Bad – It has been seen that most of the times married men use escorts after being influenced or motivated by their peers, friends, colleges, or some family member. These men are not in a mood to cheat their wives but due to so much pressure, they use escort service. Post this they realize some or the other time that they’ve done something wrong and hence decide never using such service. They feel morally bad at having cheated upon their partners.

Feel Like Cheating Their Partner - Using escort service isn’t something incorrect or wrong but only when it is used for the right reasons. When men use escort simply for the sake of having fun and getting sexual satisfaction, most of them in sometime of their life or immediately after feel like cheating their partners. In general cases, this feeling comes when they feel what if their partners are also cheating upon them by using male escort service. Few men would think whatever they are doing isn’t correct and these are especially those men who have strong bonding with their kids, wives, or partners.

Have a Feeling Of Fear And Shame In Mind – Married men who have used escort service or are using this service will have fear of their marriage ending in case if their partners come to know about their immoral deeds. These are men who are pretty attached with their families, and feel ashamed after using escort services. They often think about what would happen if their partners give them divorce.

Have Guilt Feeling – Maximum men after using escort service go home with feeling of guilt. They are much aware of the fact that having sexual relationship with women other than their wedded wives is not correct. Moreover, such thing isn’t acceptable in society as well. Men using escort service have a guilt feeling especially when they think how would they make eye contact with their partner or how would they indulge in physical relationship with their partner after cheating them.

Feeling of Hatred – This isn’t the case with maximum men using escort services. This is the case with hardly 2 percent of entire male population using escort services. They have a feeling of hatred towards themselves. This feeling comes once they realize they’ve done wrong with their partner and once they’ll tell them, their partner would start hating them. In some cases wives forgive their husbands but in maximum cases, such things lead to marriage being broken, divorce, or split.

Using escorts for sex is genuine only in situations when individuals want to overcome depression caused due to divorce or split. This isn’t considered moral if one is a married man and using escort service without telling their wives. It has been seen in many cases that unmarried men in their late 20’s start using escort services and once they are married, they find it tough to make physical relationship with their partners hence resort back to using escort services. These are men who aren’t ashamed of what they are doing or have done. These are usually poor lovers. There are several other guilt-laden, hostile, and fearful feelings that married men have after using or while using escorts but it should be noted that each man will have different set of feelings from the other and that can be a mix of good and bad feelings as well. It is not rarely that a couple will get divorced after this untruthfulness was revealed.

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Using an Escort agency in Germany

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When it comes to using an escort agency in Germany, there are few important escort etiquettes that one should keep in mind. Hiring an escort is the same as hiring various other professionals like auto mechanic, lawyer, or doctor, because you’ll be paying for the services provided them. Escort agency in Germany offers a wide range of companionship varying from simply talking to escorts to having physical relationship. If you pay for making physical relationship, it does not mean that you are a kind of loser. Often individuals look for escort agency in Germany when they want to overcome their divorce or when they want to overcome some sort of emotional or personal loss. Escort agency in Germany offers experienced escorts who are not just skilled but would also teach advanced sexual techniques. Escorts will also assist individuals in sharpening their sexual skills.

Often individuals who’ve been dumped or divorced look for escort agency in Germany. When they are with escorts, they find it a great way of recovering from their lost relationships. Often individuals share their secrets with escorts because they know that their secrets won’t be revealed ever. Escorts provide several options based on the mood of their client. When using an escort agency in Germany, you can hire an escort who offers romantic sex, good conversation, no conversation, and so on based on your wish. At escort agency Germany, you’ll come across escort women who are just like other normal women. The nicer one is to them, better the time both will have. With these escorts, men will get an opportunity to become a better partner. Using escort services simply means that one is dealing with agency just like other kinds of service agencies. They aren’t picking any street walker, instead a call would be arranged with client so that they can select companion for themselves. Generally these agencies send women to motel room or home of the client so that they can spend time in space of their own. Here clients are at the advantage of staying at home for getting the services done.

With Escort agency in Germany, one would get a wide range of services like girl friend experience or full female companionship. The thing to remember is that escort agency Germany would charge a fee for arranging escort as well as for services provided by escorts. Generally agency would describe weight, measurements, hair colour, age, and various other personality characteristics of different escorts for clients to select from. In case the client isn’t convinced, photos of escorts will be provided. In several cases, agency would request clients to provide their requirements so that they can suggest escort who specializes in that. For requesting escort service, clients can visit official website of the agency wherein they’ll be required to register first and then continue. If clients are worried about meeting a total stranger, they can first get a picture of a particular escort, interact with her to get familiar, and then call her. Remember that every act whether talking or meeting comes under paid service hence one should be mentally and financially prepared for it.

Comparing escort and prostitution

difference prostitution

Most of the persons are confused in the services rendered by an escort and a prostitute. A prostitute’s work is just to satisfy the sexual desire of a customer on being paid for it while escort may be man or woman, hired for entertainment and safety at any place. Escorts are also used as guides while in journey to unknown places. Lure to earn easy money, make some escorts to indulge in sexual activities with companion but it is not part of their principal service. Comparing escort and prostitution services is must before hiring the right person.

In most of the cases, an escort is a beautiful woman or handsome man hired to entertain, guide and safely conduct the duties assigned to him/her by the person who hires. These are legal persons who work professionally and can be engaged through escort agencies. They can be booked in much advance. You can select an escort of your choice by taking an interview of him/her.

Reverse is the case with the prostitute who is available for the act at a brothel or at some other pre decided place. She may be collected even from the street. In general one cannot make a choice for a prostitute as is available in case of escort. They are just paid for the sexual act and are never taken to different destinations to act as escort. Women in escort profession are safe from humiliation but in prostitution trade they are always unsafe.

An escort is desired to have a sexy and glamorous look. More glamorous escorts are paid heavily. They are required to go with the companion to different places to escort him/her. He/she is paid for companionship, so the service is legal. If there is a sexual activity between the escort and companion and payment is made, it is an additional job different from the duties of escort profession. There is no choice of glamorous or sexy looks, in general, in case of prostitution trade.

There is a general opinion in public that escort and prostitute both are same with different labels. It is a misconception because even if an escort carries out sex with companion for money, a beautiful and glamorous company is also provided which is not done by a prostitute. Both are different professions. The prostitute makes advertisement for paid sexual intercourse while an escort makes advertisement for escort services not for sexual services. If an escort provides sex service it is irrelevant and it is not part of the profession.

Escorts are classy and elegant as compared to uncultured prostitutes. Escorts are selected from the cream of beautiful and glamorous girls and handsome men. They are trained for etiquettes and good manners. Prostitutes spend their time with client in just sexual activities giving him sometimes diseases in gift. Escorts spend their much of the time with companion in dining, clubs, social events, journeys etc, so need a much better socially approved background. Even if they go for sex, it is not frequent as in case of prostitutes and is for very little time of the company. They are safe in sexual act as they know how to keep away such diseases.

Escorts are skilled in lot of attributes like better mannerism, better looks, better presentation and better knowledge as compared to prostitutes. Sometimes they are required to act as interpreter also. Moreover they are available through professionally legal agencies. So their service rates are quite high in comparison to prostitutes who are available at very cheap rates also.

Intuition and attitude are the supreme guiding factors while comparing escort and prostitute.

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